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Chefast Banneton Proofing Basket Set – Bring Your Bread To Life

banneton proofing basket set


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banneton basket by chefast

  • This unique set offers all you need to bring your bread to life. The cloth-lined 9.5” diameter basket is the centerpiece that helps your dough rise and shapes it into a beautiful boule. The 8 stencils let you give your loaf that artisan touch with any number of unique patterns, and the multipurpose scraper lets you scrape any leftovers out of a bowl and perform many other kitchen tasks as well.
  • The Chefast banneton basket is made of natural rattan cane with an elegant pattern that will hold up to rigorous use day in, day out;
  • The eight bread stencils give you the chance to create something truly unique. Work your magic with either cocoa or white flower!
  • Your banneton proofing basket kit also arrives with a handy scraper. Use it for various kitchen tasks and to easily extricate the dough from the basket – even if it’s a very wet dough such as you’ll find in a no-knead sourdough bread recipe.
  • Your Chefast banneton proofing basket set is covered by a 90-day money back guarantee. If you have any problem, just shoot us an email, and we will reply within 24 hours.

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Product Description


chefast proofing basketEverything you Need

With a cloth-lined, 9.5-inch diameter basket, eight bread stencils and a handy, all-purpose dough scraper, you’ve got all the tools the professionals use to create their oh-so-perfect artisan boules.

The Perfect Size

Our banneton proofing basket has a 9.5-inch diameter and a height of 3.4” so it can hold up to two pounds of dough. This is the best size for a no-knead sourdough boule or to build the world’s tastiest tartine.

Like Pencil To Paper

Part of the mystique around artisan breads are the unique patterns etched into every loaf. Now you can join the community with these eight stencils that take baking a loaf of bread to a whole new level.

Multipurpose Scraper Is Also Included

With this dough scraper, you can easily scrape any leftovers from the kneading surface or out of a bowl. It can also help you perform other kitchen tasks such as making quick cuts in most dough, spread icing on a cake or pastry, or even swirl your cinnamon bun!

Order the Chefast Banneton Kit Today and Get All the Tools You Need to Bring Your Bread to Life!

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