The Benefits Of Using A Splatter Screen For Cooking

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Are you tired of getting grease burns while cooking your favorite food? Are you fed up with always cleaning the grease on your stovetop? A splatter screen or splatter guard is a tool that you can use in your kitchen to prevent these things from happening. Although lots of people probably have no idea about this kitchen tool, getting one would help you a lot. Here are some of its benefits that can help you decide whether you need one or not.

Keeps The Stove Clean

Remember that time when you were frying pork and you just can’t wait to finish cooking because you’re already so hungry? And then suddenly, the oil just popped and splattered on your stovetop, leaving you with a mess to clean up after your cooking session. It can be a hassle for you because you’ll have to wash everything you used while cooking and in addition, you’ll have to clean up the mess on your stove as well. Instead of finally eating or resting after cooking the food, you’ll have another mess to add to your list to clean up! And that can be really annoying for moms.

Splatter Screen

Splatter screens can help you fix this problem by avoiding grease from getting out of the pan. It is very convenient because you won’t have to worry about cleaning it up after cooking. After all, moms already have a lot on their hands, and they could really use the help of a tool that can make everything easier for them.

Avoiding Grease Burns

Anyone who has been in the kitchen experienced grease burns before, and it is not nice at all. It can give you burns anywhere in your hands or even your face and neck area. This burn will give you a really bad cooking experience. Some people even can’t cook because they are afraid of getting grease burns on their faces. These burns can take 4 to 6 days to heal, and it can really hurt you a lot.

Another advantage of using Splatter screens while you’re cooking in your kitchen is that it will protect you from these painful grease burns. The screen will keep the sizzling oil inside so you won’t have to worry about it getting to your face or your hands. This also means that you can save yourself from buying creams for your burns.

Splatter Screen

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Prevents Steam

Using a lid when cooking in your kitchen, the steam will build up because it is fully covered and there is no way for the steam to escape. When using a splatter screen, it would be just like cooking without your cover because you’ll be able to see through it and check if your food is already cooked and lets the steam out while keeping the grease away from your stovetop or you.

How To Choose Your Splatter Screen

There are various kinds of splatter screens that you can choose from when you go shopping. There are silicone models, there are some that are sold in sets, and some that are sold in different sizes for your pan. If you want something that is cheaper, you can go for the simplest kind of splatter screen and it will still do the job properly.

The Benefits Of Using A Splatter Screen For Cooking

Regular round splatter screens will be as useful as the more expensive ones. But there are also some perks when buying the slightly pricey splatter screens. Some of them have foldable handles so you can store them easily. While some have concentric rings that will save you from buying different sizes of splatter screens.

Cooking is not easy and good food requires hard work and patience. It is also very messy and tiring sometimes. But getting tools like a splatter screen will allow you to work more conveniently in your kitchen. This tool will also prevent a greasy mess on your stove and keep you away from painful grease burns too.

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