How To Make Google Assistant Read Your Recipes

Google Assistant is one of the latest system software upgrades of Google. It allows you to have your very own version of Google that caters to your everyday needs. As the name implies, its primary purpose is to make data searching so much easier for you. From searching for songs to getting answers to your questions, Google Assistant is the way to go.


What Is Google Assistant Capable Of?


The primary goal of Google Assistant is to provide a personalized experience to every user. You activate it by saying, “Hey, Google” followed by your command. For example, you can say, “Hey, Google. Play my morning playlist” and then it will carry out such a task. Listed below are five different capabilities of Google Assistant.


  1. Effortless 

    Google Assistant makes tasks much easier to carry out. You spend less energy and time accomplishing commands because of how effortless it is. One task can be accomplished in a simple voice command instead of you doing numerous clicks to do it. For instance, you can simply say, “Hey, Google. Call my Mother.” Your device will automatically call the said contact. You no longer need to pick up your phone, scroll through your contacts list, click on the desired contact, and then place the call. These mundane tasks may seem easy enough to carry out on your own, but you’d find that you’d save a lot of energy over the long run. 


    google assistance


    1. Available On Different Devices

      Did you know that you can access the Google Assistant across different platforms? It exists beyond your phone. You can access it through your speakers, on the smart display of your car, in your car itself, on your smart television, on your laptop or computer, on your watch, and many more. 
      There are so many devices that you can hook up to this feature so that you can activate it. This is so useful because it is such a readily accessible feature with so many different platforms. 


      1. Caters To Your Needs

      One of the best features of Google Assistant is how it learns your favorites so that it can perfectly cater to your specific needs as a user. It gathers data on what your frequently used commands are so that it can predict it and carry it out accordingly.
      For instance, if your morning routine involves turning on the smart lights, playing your morning playlist, and warming up your coffee maker so that you’d get your cup of coffee, Google Assistant can learn all of these things so that it can activate the routine instead of waiting for your specific and individual commands. The same can be applied for everything else in your life, whether it be playing the latest episode of your favorite podcast on the way to work and whatnot. The algorithm is set in place to predict your needs and provide an effortless experience as a whole. 

      Hey Google


      1. Secure and Safe

      Such reliance on software can make you worry. A system that is familiar with so many of your personal information can make you worry. There is no issue because Google Assistant is constructed to be safe and secure. It will never obtain information that you did not choose to share. That means you have full control over the flow of information. 
      The data storage is also an impenetrable fortress. The entire system is built with the most secure features in place to prevent leakage of information. You can also easily delete any conversation with Google Assistant if you wish to do so. 


      1. New Features Periodically

      One of the best features of Google Assistant is its constant installments of improvements. It has new features periodically that generally improves the way it serves its users. 
      For instance, Google Assistant recently unfurled Issa Rae as one of the voices available. They also improved the overall experience by adding a personal touch. You can go beyond treating the software as a mere assistant; you can treat it as a friend. The user can ask for a compliment, a joke, or even hold genuine conversations.




      Advantages Of The Google Assistance Feature For Recipes

      One specific field that it has excellent applications in is recipes. The internet is teeming with so many delicious recipes that you can follow. It is definitely challenging to cook while constantly referring to your phone or tablet for the next step. Google Assistant makes the entire process seamless by allowing you to use your voice to carry out commands. For a more in-depth analysis of its benefits and advantages, read on below to find out more.

      • Easier
      Cooking without the Google Assistant would be challenging. You would have to type in the keywords for the specific recipe, then scroll through the page as you go. You might even have to tap to the next web pages just to read the next steps. If you are following along a video tutorial, you would have to pause and unpause every now and then just so you could follow along. 
      All of those problems can be eliminated with the Google Assistant. Voice commands can dictate the pace of how you follow along recipes. You can proceed at your own pace which eliminates the need for extra commands.


      • Faster 

      Google Assistant allows you to cook and read through a recipe faster. You can skip the step of scrolling or tapping to the next web pages. A simple voice command will give you exactly what you are looking for so you do not even need to read through the entire recipe or watch through a whole video. These shortcuts may seem minute but the time you save definitely adds up. It also means fewer interruptions so that you can cook speedily. 

      • Better Cooking Experience 

      This feature drastically improves the way you cooked. It eliminates the need for you to touch your device repetitively just so you can scroll or read through the recipes. That means your cooking process is so much more sanitary and seamless. Gone are the days where you’d have to rinse or wash your hands before you need to tap into your tablet or phone because of the contactless feature. 
      • Like Cooking With A Friend

        One of the best features of Google Assistant is its friendliness. You’d feel like you are cooking with a friend. It will dictate the recipe in a friendly tone and deliver conversational tidbits along the way. The recent installments of upgrades has made the entire feature warmer and friendlier. It is great if you are cooking alone because you will feel like you have company. 


        • Personalized Experience 

        Did you know that Google Assistant’s algorithm is designed to be familiarized with your preferences as a user? Over time, it will learn all of your favorite recipes and keep tabs on them. You can even forward your favorite ones to your friends through a simple voice command. 

        Advantages Of Google Assistant Structured Data And Installation Code

        Structured data refers to the format by which Google web pages should abide with. It is the means by which content should be delivered. The general rule is that the data must be structured in the best way possible so that it caters to a user’s needs. 

        For instance, the most common structure is the “How To” format which response to so many Google queries. This structure focuses on instructing the reader by following the “How To” prompt. This can be anything, like an in-depth guide on how to tile your bathroom floors. 

        Structured data is important because it is eligible for rich results under the Google Assistant feature. There is a specific format that the data should follow, specifically the JSON-LD structured data. This can be tested using the Rich Results Test and the URL Inspection Tool. Lastly, it will be automated using the Search Console Sitemap API. 


        Here are the steps which make google understand  your article is a recipe so it can appear at google rich results : 

        1. Copy the JSON-LD recipe template to your work zone. ( Notepad++ is good enough)

          This is a basic template - now you’ll have to fit it to your recipe article in the next steps.

            1.  After you pasted it to work zone fill these attributes : 
            • "author": "NAME-OF-AUTHOR",

            • "cookTime": "PT2H", (Meaning 2 hours) = PT means Pacific Timezone.

            • "datePublished": "2015-05-18",

            • "description": "Your recipe title goes here", 

            • "image": "", -past an Image URL.

            • "recipeIngredient": [
              "ingredient 1",
              "ingredient 2",
              "ingredient 3",
              "ingredient 4",
              "ingredient 5"
              ],   copy on each string one of your ingredient (add many as you need).

            • "prepTime": "PT15M", (time of preparation). 

            • "recipeInstructions": "This is the long part, etc.",(here you are pasting all your recipe instructions).

            • "recipeYield": "12 cookies" 

            • "name": "Rand's Cookies",
              "nutrition": {
              "@type": "NutritionInformation",

            • "calories": "1200 calories",

            • "carbohydrateContent": "12 carbs",

            • "proteinContent": "9 grams of protein",

            • "fatContent": "9 grams fat"

            These were the basic parts that with the template.  You can add more attributes to give Google more data about your recipe ...

            You can find the full data and the explanation of each attribute is


            Bonus - Add the attribute "Keywords": "your recipe main keyword", - just above the "racipeCategory" attribute - 

            Recipe Keywords

            After you fill all attributes your JSON-LD should look like this : 

            JasonLD Code

            in order to test the code and check if Google now recognizes your article as a recipe: 

            • Copy your link to Google structured data testing tool & run the test.

            testing tool
            • Assuming the code is correct you'll have to see the recipe section on the right. - Click on it. 

            structured data testing tool - recipe

              • Search for errors or warnings. 

              Errors must be fixed!

              Warnings are just a suggestion of google  - it's your decisions to make about fixing them. 

              Good work!  Google assistance can read your recipe to users.

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