Chefast Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set – Perfect Alternative to Plastic

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  • This 100% birch wood cutlery kit is the environmentally-friendly crowd-pleaser you’ve always wanted. With 100 sturdy forks, 50 smooth spoons, 50 strong knives, 50 unique mini-spoons, and even 2 popup table organizers and a canvas carry bag, this combo kit covers all the bases with quality products at a price any family can afford.
  • These utensils are equally useful as something affordable and disposable you can send to school with your child or as a solid, environmentally-friendly setting for a campout, barbeque, or even a dress-down wedding or corporate event.
  • The included reusable canvas bag makes it easy to store your utensils at home and take them with you for any outdoor event. The set also comes with two cardboard popup boxes, which are indispensable when it comes to organizing your utensils in a pleasing presentation.
  • These chemical-free, natural birch wood utensils can stand up to an American appetite without bending or breaking, and they feel much better in your hand.
  • We give you three months to try out this green cutlery set. If you’re not completely thrilled with it, just contact us to receive a fast and full refund.
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Product Description

All you Need and More

With 250 sturdy, compostable utensils plus a canvas carry bag and two cardboard organizers, this set gives you all you need to pull off your next party in an environmentally-conscious manner while giving your guests a dining experience they simply won’t get with old-fashioned plastic silverware.

Safe, Sturdy and Attractive

With these chemical-free, top-quality birchwood utensils, you no longer need to choose between effectiveness with food and environmental friendliness. Biodegradable and compostable as well, they’re easy on the environment to the point where they can be composted in around 90 days. Plus, they look great, too!

Great for Any Occasion

Perfect for a backyard BBQ, picnic, birthday party, camping, kids lunch box, and various art projects, this flatware set packs enough pieces for just about any event. From different kinds of meat to healthy salads to delicious ice cream, our complete cutlery set is the ideal choice for all your needs.

Make it Look Good

The two included popup cardboard organizers come in incredibly handy when it comes to putting together a table presentation; your utensils aren’t just lying haphazardly all over the place.

Easy Carry

The included canvas bag makes it a synch to carry your silverware wherever your outing may be. Plus, you can easily put unused items right back in the bag and store them until your next event.

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