Novice and Expert Bread Makers Must-Need Tool

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Every bread recipe has a few things in common: flour, water, and proofing time.

No matter how new or advanced you are in breadmaking, a must-have is a banneton proofing basket or simply called a bread proofing basket.

Why is this basket so important to the bread-making process?

During the critical proofing period, the bread takes shape in whatever container it is. Therefore, where you place the dough is important. You don’t want it to stick to the container and want to have control over the shape of the proof.

Novice and Expert Bread Makers Must-Need Tool

What does it do?

The woven bread basket shapes your dough into a perfectly round beautiful shape, ready-to-bake immediately after proofing. The coil design of the proofing basket adds an extra level of homemade authenticity to your kitchen work-of-art.

How does it work?

For first-time basket use, you need to condition the proofing basket. Lightly dust your basket with flour, as it acts as the simple non-stick ingredient. Shake out the excess flour and you have it coated and ready to go. It’s that easy! The first few times, you will need to add a bit of extra flour to ensure your bread dough doesn’t stick. 

Every additional time you use the banneton basket, you prep it with a coating of flour right before you add the dough. Sprinkle in flour all around the inside rings of the breadbasket. Use the same type of flour that is in the dough you have prepared to proof. 

Novice and Expert Bread Makers Must-Need Tool

Banneton Proofing Basket - Shop Now

If you are unsure about the amount of flour to use, you can always dust off the excess flour, later on, pre- or post-bread bake.

With popular no-knead dough recipes, the dough tends to be stickier. Therefore, a cloth liner made me needed inside the basket or a heavier coating of flour on the basket. Check your recipe and see if added flour will change the results of the bread.

Add a cloth on top of the basket and let the magic happen!

Does the dough just fall out of the basket?

Yes! If the basket has been adequately prepared, it should just fall right out. If this is not the case, slowly and carefully move the basket forward and backward and gradually the dough will remove itself from the bowl. 

Novice and Expert Bread Makers Must-Need Tool

Does the material of the breadbasket really matter?

Yes! A proofing basket made of rattan cane absorbs a bit of moisture from the bread, reducing the stickiness of the dough. This makes it easier to cut and expand the bread later-on during baking.

How do I clean the basket?

It’s very easy! Shake off the extra flour that remains in the basket, tapping it on the edge of the kitchen sink or on the table. Let the basket dry in a warm moisture-free area before putting it away for storage.

Other Pro Tips:

Each basket has its own weight limit of the amount of dough it can hold. Therefore, check your recipe to see if the dough you are making is for multiple loaves or for one single loaf.

Try one today!

Chefast designed an exclusive banneton proofing basket kit, where it’s everything you need in one place! A 100% natural rattan cane proofing basket with a handy multi-purpose scraper and stencils to add the perfect artisan touch to your homemade creation.

Banneton Proofing Basket - Shop Now

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