Wondering If 5 Blade Herb Scissors Can Help You?

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How 5 blade herb scissors can help you lies entirely within your herb cutting needs. If you find yourself content with prepared dried herbs from jars, herb scissors likely won’t matter much as most prepared herbs and spices tend to come already pulverized into powders of varying consistencies.

While these herbs may be more than adequate for a typical meal, the fact is many chefs, professional and otherwise, are adamant that the taste of a meal is improved via the use of freshly cut herbs and spices, and many of the finest restaurants go out of their way to ensure that their herbs are at least as fresh as the rest of the food.

But what are five-blade herb scissors?

Essentially they’re a set of scissors that are specially built to include five separate blades on each half of the scissors, bonded to a single set of handles to enable the cook to control them.

These devices are also called multi-blade scissors, as well as multi-blade or five-blade herb cutters. While they are not the most expensive kitchen tool, they are something of a specialized device and come with a somewhat higher price than most other pairs of kitchen scissors.

Wondering If 5 Blade Herb Scissors Can Help You?

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A basic pair runs for around 10 USD and rarely go higher than 30 USD for the highest-end herb scissors, with an increased price usually coming about largely due to a cleaning tool coming with the scissors. And, given the complexity of these scissors, an uncomplicated method for cleaning them is always appreciated by cooks who wish to maintain a sanitary kitchen.

When actually in use, however, these scissors are intended for cutting up herbs, though can also be used to slice salad greens. Most cooks swear by their capacity to cut fresh herbs, but herb cutters can also cut up dried or otherwise preserved herbs that remain uncut.

When applied to herbs and spices, these scissors tend to cut them up fairly evenly and with minimal effort create a powder of a grainy consistency out of what was once a long stretch of plant matter from which herbs and spices are derived.

Herb cutters are capable of cutting leaves and stems and soft seeds with equal ease, allowing the cutter to prepare any flavorful part of a plant into a space that’s capable of being evenly spread across a dish, be it a simple canned soup that needs a bit more flavor or a complex dish created over hours of work in the kitchen.

Herb Scissors

While in this day and age of prepared spices this can seem a hassle, it is a far faster method of cutting fresh herbs and spices than it would be with a single knife blade or even an ordinary pair of scissors.

The speed at which these scissors prepare a fresh spice for use in a dish is incredibly fast, and only powered appliances that tend to create a great deal of noise and require a great deal of cleaning tend to prepare herbs and spices faster. Further, herb scissors are generally easier to maintain than these devices, not just in cleaning, but in resharpening and ease of use.

But why use fresh herbs when there are packaged herbs? Well, almost all chefs will agree that the taste of fresh herbs is superior to dried and prepackaged herbs. Furthermore, if you are a do it yourself type of person, growing herbs in your own personal space is a great way to unwind and further allows you to periodically make flavorful dishes for special occasions or personal indulgences. For these times, herb scissors can make the process far, far faster…

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